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Matt Westwood · 1 reply

[ ] London Jazz Composers Orchestra
Matt Westwood
6 years ago
Nov 17, 2017 - 7:46am
Apart from the first album, the London Jazz Composers Orchestra routinely appears with Barry Guy's name attached to it, in various forms. Clearly this is a "Paul McCartney and Wings" situation, so these instances need to be entered as that.

But what is the standard formatting?

The various appearances are:

* "London Jazz Composers Orchestra · Barry Guy" (Stringer)

* "Barry Guy · Anthony Braxton · London Jazz Composers Orchestra" (Zurich Concerts) (an anomaly - Braxton does not perform, he just conducts on some of it)

* "Barry Guy & The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra" (Harmos and Double Trouble)

* "Barry Guy · London Jazz Composers' Orchestra" (Theoria) -- complicated by being a collab with Schweizer

* "Barry Guy · The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra" (Portraits)

* "Barry Guy · London Jazz Composers Orchestra" ‎(Three Pieces For Orchestra)

* "Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers Orchestra" ‎(Double Trouble Two) also a collab with others

* "Barry Guy. London Jazz Composers' Orchestra" (Radio Rondo / Schaffhausen Concert) also a collab

Note the differences between the apostrophe or not, the connector or not, and the "The" or not.

What do we use? Should the first one, where "Barry Guy" comes afterwards, be a "different band", for example?

Just to add confusion, the first album (Ode) has been entered as "London Jazz Composers Orchestra" and then aliased to "The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra", which is how it originally appears. So, should that one be in as "The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra" on the grounds that this is the only time it appears under that name? Or should the "The The" rule take precedence, on the grounds that LJCO does appear without the The but only when it appears as part of the name of the band that includes Barry Guy?
6 years ago
Feb 20, 2018 - 7:27am
I would enter these with a standardized name of "Barry Guy · London Jazz Composers Orchestra".

* Complies with The The rule, since LJCO doesn't always use "the"
* Uses the standard separator we use ('·')
* Lists the two components in the order they most commonly appear
* Also happens to exactly match one of the releases (bonus!)
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