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2 years ago
Aug 6, 2021 - 6:51am
OK, so Guns N' Roses just released a song called 'Absurd'. It's a reworked version of 'Silkworms', which they first played live about two decades ago. As it turns out, this studio version contains the drum tracks of previous drummer Bryan Mantia. We have him in three lineups for the Chinese Democracy sessions.

So how do enter this new song? It seems reasonable to think that the original recordings were done by either lineup F, G or H. Assuming that at least one of the new and/or returned band members also played on this, we need at least two lineups: either a ghosted F, G or H lineup and a new K lineup (also ghosted, minus Frank Ferrer).
Then again, the song might also contain older vocals, guitars and keyboards. So only retaining Mantia from the old sessions might not be enough.
2 years ago
Aug 7, 2021 - 12:30am
[] dates the original recording to 2000 when Brain was in the band, so perhaps that is the ghost lineup with which to start.

[] lists only Brain, which could mean that he is the only former member still featured on the track. So maybe we could start with lineup F and ghost all of the former members.

For the new parts, I would maybe start with the 2019 lineup. That's when a demo version of it leaked, according to []
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