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70s industrial, 80s synthpop

badc0ffeeยท2 replies

70s industrial, 80s synthpop
18 years ago
Apr 29, 2005 - 9:31pm
I found links between these bands. Maybe someone with more time than me can find a connection to the rest of the bands here?

Depeche Mode (Vince Clarke)
Yaz (Vince Clarke)
Erasure (Vince Clarke)
Clarke & Ware Experiment (Martyn Ware, Vince Clarke)
Heaven 17 (Martyn Ware)
Human League (Martyn Ware)
B.E.F. (Martyn Ware)
The Future (Martyn Ware, Adi Newton)
Clock DVA (Adi Newton)
Human League etc.
Matt Westwood
18 years ago
Apr 30, 2005 - 7:53am
Excellent idea. Not sure I'll be immediately able to help but I thoroughly endorse anyone else's attempts.
Depeche Mode
Matt Westwood
18 years ago
May 5, 2005 - 7:56am
Looks like you got your wish ...
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