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Other Projects

Kevin ยท 1 reply

Other Projects
18 years ago
Nov 14, 2005 - 11:36pm
What other projects are people working on outside of B2B?

Here's one I've been spending a great deal of time on lately:

It's a home made bio-diesel reactor where you take used restaurant vegetable oil, heat it, add methonal and lye, and convert it to bio-diesel which will run any diesel engine out there, automotive or otherwise. It recycles waste vegetable oil instead of throwing it into a landfill, reduces almost all emissions by 75%, and produces no more carbon dioxide than is recycled by the plants that produce the oil in the first place. If you can get the oil for free (most restaurants are happy to give it away rather than to throw it away), the primary cost is the methanol which is only 20% by volume of the mixture which means you can be producing fuel for less than $.80/gallon. I got all the parts in town including the water heater which came from the city dump for free (once less thing in the landfill) and it's not that hard to construct.

Ultimately it recycles people's waste, reduces emissions, costs considerably less than normal fuel, and is petroleum free. It's a win, win, win, win situation. I highly recommend everyone getting involved.

Looks like an idea that's come of age
Matt Westwood
18 years ago
Nov 15, 2005 - 8:39am
There was talk in the news recently about a man in Germany who's been doing exactly the same thing. Excellent idea.

As for me, I'm writing a book about mathematics. Big excitement, yessirree.
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