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Have you seen two different bands with the exact same name live?

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Have you seen two different bands with the exact same name live?
2 weeks ago
Jan 13, 2023 - 5:01am
I don't mean at the same concert, just in general... but it would be amusing if multiple bands with the same name have ever deliberately toured together.

I keep a database of all the bands I've seen in concert. I just store them by artist name & country, since I figured the chance of seeing two bands with the same name from the same country was particularly slim. It's faster and simpler to enter them that way. But in the last couple of years I started to notice a trend of New Zealand artists popping up with the same name as older NZ artists I already knew of. Then it happened: I saw a band from Christchurch named Radium live last year. A mere 5 years since I saw Radium from Auckland in concert.

My solution? I used a suffix, of course. I only gave the newer Radium a city suffix, but if I see them a 2nd time I'll use a suffix for the older one instead for being a lesser-seen flash in the pan. NZ province abbreviations hardly get any use here so let's just hope this never happens with a band from a small town.

Before anyone says it, I wouldn't count the likes of L.A. Guns here. I'd say either count them all as the same band, or if one iteration later rebranded (eg. "Riley's L.A. Guns") and you saw them again, then you could retroactively count all the times you saw that iteration under Riley's L.A. Guns. Much cleaner than B2B. ;)
1 week ago
Jan 22, 2023 - 10:40pm
I didn't see any of the shows, but in 2012, The Beat (US) and The Beat (UK) played together on "The Two Beats Hearting As One Tour." (Technically, I think it was billed as "Paul Collins' Beat" and "The English Beat," but still.)

Too bad the British and Canadian Subhumans never toured together.
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