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Matt Westwood
18 years ago
Apr 24, 2005 - 6:49pm
I was thinking about researching Pere Ubu recently (dunno why, just thought they were a cool band that ought to be on there).

So there's me, having peripherally researched "Liar" in the meantime (having seen "Set the world on fire" somewhere on b2b or something, made me think of it) and finally managed to get it on there ... and then I watched while David Thomas and Two Pale Boys etc arrived, and I thought, "There's my Pere Ubu link, looks like someone's beaten me to it - and before I can look round, there's Pere Ubu - with a link directly to Liar! Coincidence? I'd linked Liar in from a completely different direction ...

Is it *really* the same Dave Taylor (?) geezer that's in both Pere Ubu *and* Liar? They're such radically different styles of music.
Re: Coincidence
18 years ago
Apr 24, 2005 - 8:55pm
I don't think it's the same Dave Taylor so I have updated the database. As for Pere Ubu, you provided all the potential links with your David Thomas info, but then someone else came along and filled in the last step. Coincidence indeed.
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