[x] Line-Ups

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[x] Line-Ups
3 months ago
Jun 22, 2023 - 10:41am
I started a deep dive into the band /artist code rendering so I can eventually have a mobile version of that table similar to the changes for family trees. I've set a bunch of low level groundwork in place and to that end line-up letters in the displays are now clickable.

Not much to be excited about, yes, but I want to get that part of pages usable for mobile devices so I'm going to keep chipping away at that, along with everything else.

[x] Ghosts
2 months ago
Jul 19, 2023 - 10:22pm
On a related note, can we get ghost members formatted in grey like they were before? They used to be non-clickable on the old site, but I think they could stay as links so we could click through and see what the artist's actually audible on.

The old site had a small box to the right saying "grayed names did not appear" but how you annotate it on this site is entirely up to you.

https://bandtoband.com/album/annihilator/alice-in-hell (everyone in the 1st lineup except John Bates)
https://bandtoband.com/album/danzig/danzig-sings-elvis (Johnny and Steve)
https://bandtoband.com/album/quiet-riot/road-rage (1 ghost in 1st lineup, 3 in 2nd)

The corresponding artist pages would ideally also somehow show the artist didn't play on the given release:
But keep in mind they may play in one lineup and be ghosted in another on the same release, as in the case of Alex Grossi and bandmates on 'Road Rage', so that release should stay as is here:
1 month ago
Aug 1, 2023 - 9:09pm
I've tried implementing all your suggestions for displaying ghosted members. Let me know if it is functioning as you'd expect.

1 month ago
Aug 1, 2023 - 10:19pm
Great, looks good to me!
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