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[ ] Screen scrape from Discogs?

Matt Westwood · 1 reply

[ ] Screen scrape from Discogs?
Matt Westwood
8 years ago
Jul 12, 2016 - 1:55pm
I've had a thought for a more bizarre way of expanding the db colossally without further ado ... write a spider that will methodically work its way through Discogs and enter everything it finds into the Wiki queue. Amazon is all very well, but it only adds us contemporary stuff. Discogs is the nuts.
8 years ago
Jul 13, 2016 - 12:37am
Problem is you'd dilute the queue with a lot of crap that doesn't actually connect. Either because two people with the same name are linked, or it only links thanks to guests and session performers listed. There'd also be the pain of dealing with releases already live on B2B where we interpreted the band name or title differently.

I think there's far more efficient ways to prioritise notable stuff that's missing from the DB. I would get back to this thread I started on, but my queue has ballooned more than I'd like already:

I tried using to look at the most popular bands/artists being listened to in one given week, but a lot of them will be forgotten again by now. I'm still looking for someone to acknowledge my path to Beyoncé.

RateYourMusic would be a much better option. Prioritise what we're missing by looking at top rated albums per decade. I'll have a look at this soon.
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