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Nitpicky requests

pkasting·3 replies

Nitpicky requests
17 years ago
Jul 26, 2005 - 8:13am
I know this is trivial, but it really bugs me that when you search for an artist with 1 album, the text that comes back says "we have the following 1 release..." when it would be better to just say "we have to following release..."

Also, the "Albums" link in the "View Data" box still isn't live... not that I would ever really go there anyway.

Also the order of the boxes on the right side seems weird and random. I would do it:
Search Tree
Create Map
View Data
Latest Additions
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Or maybe "View Data" and "Statistics" should be swapped there. I would take out the "Account Info" box altogether and make it some kind of link at the top or bottom of the page on the forums page. Heck, maybe I'd take out "View Data" altogether. It seems so rarely useful that it's not worth the space it takes up...

While I'm complaining, the boxes on the page top are a bit weirdly ordered too. Maybe
Fun Stuff
Or maybe "Rules" and "Help" should be swapped there?

I'm just trying to make the orderings group topics together as they logically progress. Perhaps doing a poor job of it.

One final note. Whatever you're using to make the little magnifying glass icons in "Search Tree" and "Create Map" into links isn't playing nicely for me -- I can't middle-click the icon to open in a new tab (Firefox) the way I can middle-click other hyperlinks. Maybe use some kind of onClick handler to submit the form or something instead? I confess total cluelessness as to web design since I haven't done it in some 8 years.
17 years ago
Jul 26, 2005 - 5:07pm
I think it's normal that the magnifying glass thing doesn't work in Firefox. As far as I know the middle mouse button only works on regular hyperlinks and not with javascript. There's a lot of websites out there with javascripted menu's; those don't work either in Firefox.
17 years ago
Jul 26, 2005 - 11:16pm
1) Band pages have been changed to not include the '1' anymore.

2) It has been noted that the albums link doesn't work yet. It'll happen eventually.

3) The boxes on the right are ordered in a specific arrangement. First off I never like having two different forms in proximity of one another because I (and I assume others) invariably mix them up and enter in data into one when they mean to enter them into another. It always happens when you sneak those things together (and I'm speaking from experience of building web pages for years now). For that reason I won't put them one after another. I'd rather not have a huge separation between the two hence the Stats box goes in there, which is something I am constantly looking at anyway so it servers its purpose. I'll concede that the View Data and Latest Additions could be swapped and if anyone out there wants to weigh-in and second that request, I'll do it.

4) The tabs also have a set order, mainly of importance / frequency of updating. Home is easily understood, forums is updated far more than the rules which itself is more importand than the FAQ, etc. Once again if there are others out there who want to chime in about a re-ordering I'm open to suggestions.

5) I use a Mac with a whopping 1 button so "middle clicking" makes my eyes go hazy and I start getting sleepy. I'm really not sure what to do about that situation.

17 years ago
Jul 27, 2005 - 12:57am
My suggested orderings were based on putting what people would want to use most, first. I don't figure most users know (or care) how often certain sections are updated. Also I use "Search Tree" and "Create Map" far more than everything else combined, AND they're closesly related, so it totally screws my location-finding ability up when they're not right together. I can only speak from personal experience in saying that putting the two near each other would not goof me up (in terms of mis-targeting things) at all.

I dunno. The order may make sense to you as the maintainer, but it looks random to me as the user, and I figure that's what matters :D

I don't know what keyboard/mouse shortcut Firefox Mac uses to open a new tab from a hyperlink, so I don't know what to say instead of "middle clicking".
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