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[ ] In the year 0000

bgzimmer · 1 reply

[ ] In the year 0000
1 year ago
Nov 11, 2022 - 10:25pm
The old wiki had the ability to select "no year", i.e. 0000, and the default date was 00-00-0000. Now the default date is 00-00-2022, and there's no 0000 in the pull-down. It would be good to get that back for entries for which the release year is not (yet) known.
1 year ago
Nov 12, 2022 - 5:05am
If it's also useful to make the list slightly shorter, I don't think we need 1880 thru 1886 in the list at all.

The Bell-Tainter graphophone for cylinders debuted to market in 1887 (though tended to be used more for dictation), and Edison's commercial effort soon followed:
E. Berliner's earliest discs marketed to the public were from 1889:

Not much to go on in terms of artists there though, so I'm yet to queue up anything from earlier than 1895!
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