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[/] Cover sizes
2 weeks ago
Nov 17, 2022 - 12:22am
I notice some covers are showing up small:

Including some non-square ones, where we've probably made a GIF sized to suit the old site:

And then there's my own one where 288x288 was about as good a size as I could get of it:

I'd suggest the following:

1. First let's wait until we get the ability to upload covers in the queue at all. However, could you change the text to "(preferred: 600 x 600 and up; min: 300 x 300)" or something like that? Just to future-proof it a bit. Also make the "Preview" box 600x600 in size (or take up almost entire width of mobile screen) so we can actually see if we're verifying an entry with a cover of decent quality. This was one of my biggest pet peeves about the old site.

2. A page that lists the smallest cover images on the site as a starting point for improving them. Once we can upload, then maybe a select few of us could get access to replace some of these, perhaps with the old cover automatically being moved to evidence.

I find this AI image upscaler surprisingly good as a last resort for making bigger versions of images that can't be found in decent size:
Good Ideas
1 week ago
Nov 28, 2022 - 1:32pm
I've done half of this one, I've set up an admin page that will list the small covers. Check the wiki forum for the link.


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