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18 years ago
Jul 18, 2005 - 8:13am
I've added basic statistical data to every band page. The statistics shown are basic stuff and I plan on refining what is presented over time but I wanted to display some data right now since I've been working on this for some time and just wanted to get something online. Suggestions are of course welcome as to what stats you may or may not want to see.

Before everyone asks, the difference between degree separation and album steps is the difference between how many steps you have to climb in the family tree graphic vs how many actual albums it would take to get to the same band. For example to get to one of the most isolated bands in the tree: Athiest, you have to always go through a number of double band albums so while Athiest and God Dethroned are only 3 degrees of separation on the family tree, there are 6 albums that must be traversed to get to them. Since I didn't want to get into a debate as to which number is more appropriate to measure distances with, I've included them both.

By the way the band with the lowest average degree distance to any other band that I've found by just clicking around is currently Black Sabbath with a 6.4 which would theoretically be the most central of all bands in the tree. Feel free to find something with a lower average. Cool thing to find out.

18 years ago
Jul 19, 2005 - 5:25am
Very nice, I like this a lot.

Minor nitpick is that if there is only one band at maximum separation, I'd like to see it say "Band at..." instead of "Bands at...".

Also the wording on the first two stats seems awkward to me but I can't come up with a better wording offhand. I think "to a band in tree" is really weird sounding. "...from rest of tree" perhaps? I don't know.

As to the debate about which distance is more important: it seems clear to me that the album distance is the important one, since that's what you measure distances with when you search links between bands ("the link between a and b contains n albums...") and on the front page ("longest known link"). For consistency's sake, I'd just put that number there and leave the other off. The degrees of separation number is somewhat interesting to know, but not as much, plus if I hadn't read your explanation here I'd have no idea what it meant.
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